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  • 我的学习计划 英语作文
    发布时间:2020-10-06 11:40
    1.My summer holiday is going to come.So I want to design(制订)a plan about how to study.2.Firstly,I will buy some books .Then I will read them to improve my knowledge(增长知识).Secondly,I will go to my good friends\ houses.I can ask them questions.If they have difficulties(困难),I alway go to help them.At last,we have to do our homework ourselves.I usually get up early in the morning .Then I will read loudly and write carefully.3.I believe that I will study hard and then become a successful people(一个成功的人). here is my plan for english study. i will listen to the teacher carefully and take notes in class. after class i will review first and then finish doing my homework carefully. when i have difficulties, i will ask my friends and english teacher for help. i will spend more time reading english, rembering new words and sentences. i will listen to english programs and watch english movies which can help improve my english a lot. i am sure, if i work hard, i will improve my english fast. 自己的习作美文高考英语作文范文,祝你学习进步高考英语作文范文,更上一层楼!(*^__^*)
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