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    A letter to my mother

    Oct. 17th

    Dear mother,

    I have been good at school. I often think of you when I go to bed because we always go for a walk before go to bed at home. So I miss you everyday. Do you miss me? Why don’t you call me? I’ve got a lot of things to tell you. One of the things is about foreign teacher’s daughter. Her name’s Skyler. She lives in Canada. She comes to our class to learn Chinese and English with me in my class. This afternoon, when it was art and craft class, our class were cleaning the gymnasium. And she did it with us too. So I usually talk to her when she doesn’t know what to do? But when the class is over, I always haven’t got enough time to talk to her. And I usually can’t find her. So we don’t have time to introduce to each other. But it is the first time that I have a foreign student. So I’m very happy! Mum, you often tell me, “If you are happy, I’ll be happy, too.” So you have to be happy, because I’m happy! I like you when you are happy!

    In the end I wish you everything is just fine!



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