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  • 高考英语作文常用的句式句型
    发布时间:2020-09-26 09:50


    1)Such defects as mentioned above can be prevented by the other way of

    2) Except for s sake only.

    3) Perhaps A is the wrong word,however,B might be better.

    4) Firstlast but not least

    5) Shall we do this? Not necessary the case.

    6) ,and vice versa indeed .

    7) On the contrary,in spite of these increase

    8) Compared with A,B has many advantages such as

    9) Not so much as he had talked about.

    10) 萤火虫小巷读后感,the truth of the matter,however,is that

    11) For some,the way maybe right,nevertheless,for many others

    12) As everything going to the extreme has its negative aspects,so has

    13) It is fairly well know thathowever萤火虫小巷读后感,it is less know that

    14) ,but this was not always the case.

    15) At first,different in their opinions,on second thoughts,however,all of them agree to

    16) None the less(尽管如此)

    17) When people succeed,it is because of hard work,however萤火虫小巷读后感,luck has a lot to do with it too.

    18) ,sometimes it isnt totally the case,however.

    19) Do some A else but B.

    the 萤火虫小巷读后感 读后感作文200字 呐喊的读后感
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