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  • 摩托车高考英语作文
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    nowadays, them are more and more motorcycles in streets. now and then. one or two molorcycles will come into your sight and your ears are filled with their noises. you are aware that motorcycles play a very important part in our modern life,. some people like to ride motorcycles and others dont.

    some people like riding motorcycles. they think that motorcycles can run much faster than bicycles and as fast as cam though they are small in size. those who ride mo torcycles can save much of their time. moreover, riding fast is eciting.

    other people dont like riding motorcycles. they think that riding motorcycles is very dangerous. there have been more motorcycle accidents in recent years. if you ride very frost, you will fail to leact properly when an emergency happens. the resuh is that you will be injured or even killed.

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